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Interviews can be —


bPanel interview

cSequential Interview

dAll of the above

View Answer All of the above

_________ methods are generally applied on the workplace while em­ployees are actually working.

aOn the Job training

bOff the job training

cBoth (a) & (b)

dNone of the above.

View Answer On the Job training

_____ is a process of transmission of massage and understanding of information between two or more people, it involves at least two parties – a sender and a receiver.

aBody language



dNone of the above

View Answer Communication

ROI Stands for —

aReturn on Insurance

bReturn on Investment

cRate on Insurance

dRisk on Insurance

View Answer Return on Investment

Joint Management Councils are established in an organization which employs –

a100 employees

b300 employees

c400 employees

d500 employees

View Answer 500 employees

__________ consists of the learning opportunities designed to help employees to grow.




dNone of the above

View Answer Development

Cause of Genuine Grievance can be –

aDiscrimination, lost opportunity, Injustice etc. done to the em­ployee

bDiscrimination, lost opportunity, Injustice etc. done to the em­ployee

cReasonable Charter of demands

dAll of the above

Who is responsible to manage change?




d(b) & (c)

View Answer (b) & (c)

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is/are –

aA specific, agreed measure of achievement within a KRA, which go on to make up the goals and objectives measured under the performance appraisal process.

bobjective, independent and standardized measures of perform­ance not ratings or judgments of performance

cspecific, measurable, attainable, realistic & time bound which help to determine how much the KRA’s are met

dAll of the above

View Answer All of the above

Performance Management System is –

aA formal, structured system of measuring, evaluating job related behaviours & outcomes to discover reasons of performance & how to perform effectively in future so that the employee, organi­sation & society all benefit

bA process of looking both to the future & to the past, in the context of the collective performance of all the employees in an organisation

cThe process of establishing goals, assessing employees & im­plement the annual performance appraisal process

dAll of the above

View Answer All of the above

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