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Vitamin also acting as hormones________________?

aVitamin D

bVitamin D B. Vitamin A

cVitamin B1

dVitamin C

View Answer Vitamin D

Of prime importance in the structure of flavoproteins is____________?

aVit B6

bVit B2

cVit B1

dVit A

View Answer Vit B2

Which vitamin is synthesized by intestinal bacteria ?

aVit B

bVit A

cVit D

dVit K

View Answer Vit K

Biological activity of tocopherols has been attributed, in part to their actions as_____________?


b Anticoagulants


dAntidotes for selenium poisoning

View Answer Provitamin

Malonyl aciduria is seen in deficiency of_____________?


b B12

cFolic acid


View Answer B12

Which vitamin is the most indispensable during mitosis______________?

aFolic acid

bPantothenic acid

cAscorbic acid

dAspartic acid

View Answer Folic acid

Beri-beri is caused due to the deficiency of______________?



c Ascorbic acid


View Answer Thiamine

A patient with chronic renal failure and bone pains will have deficiency of which vitamin_____________?

aVitamin A

bVitamin B

cVitamin C

dVitamin D

View Answer Vitamin D

Specific disease caused by vitamin B1 deficiency_______________


bAngular cheilitis

cMegaloblastic anemia

dPeripheral polyneuritis

Fast soluble vitamins are_____________?

aA, B , D, K

bA, D. E, K

cA, B, E, K

dA, C, E, K

View Answer A, D. E, K

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