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Protrusion of tongue is brought out by ______________?


bIntrinsic muscles of tongue



View Answer Genioglossus

The lymphatic drainage from the tip of tongue first passes to ____________?

aSubmental nodes

bSupra clavicular node

cSub mandibular nodes

dSuperior deep cervical nodes

View Answer Submental nodes

Circumvallate papillae are present_____________?

aBehind sulcus terminalis

bFront of sulcus terminalis

cAnterior 2/3 of tongue

dLateral border of tongue

The papillae present on margins of the tongue_____________?

aFungiform papillae

bPosteriorly retracts the tongue

cDepression of tongue

dElevation of tongue

View Answer all of the mentioned

The action of styloglossus muscle is______________?

aProtrusion of tongue

bPosteriorly retracts the tongue

cDepression of tongue

dElevation of tongue

Taste sensations from the posterior one- third of the tongue are carried by _______ cranial nerve?




d IX

View Answer IX

Sensory nerve fibers to posterior one third of the tongue is supplied by ______________?

aXII cranial nerve

b IX cranial nerve

cX cranial nerve

dVII cranial nerve

View Answer IX cranial nerve

Main arterial supply to the tongue is____________?


bAscending pharyngeal artery

cLingual artery

dFacial artery

View Answer Lingual artery

Safety muscle of tongue is______________?





View Answer Genioglossus

The Tongue____________?

aSeparated from the epiglottis by gloss epiglottic folds

bContains foramen caecum which is present on the dorsum of frenulum

cContains 6 – 10 circumvallate papilla located posterior to sulcus terminals

dEmbryologically derives from 1st branchial arch only

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