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Which feature allows open recursion, among the following?

aUse of this pointer

bUse of pointers

cUse of pass by value

dUse of parameterized constructor

View Answer Use of this pointer

Which of the two features match each other?

aInheritance and Encapsulation

bEncapsulation and Polymorphism

cEncapsulation and Abstraction

dAbstraction and Polymorphism

Which header file is required in C++ to use OOP?




dOOP can be used without using any header file

Which concept of OOP is false for C++?

aCode can be written without using classes

bCode must contain at least one class

cA class must have member functions

dAt least one object should be declared in code

Why Java is Partially OOP language?

aIt supports usual declaration of primitive data types

bIt doesn’t support all types of inheritance

cIt allows code to be written outside classes

dIt does not support pointers

When OOP concept did first came into picture?





View Answer 1970’s

How many classes can be defined in a single program?

aOnly 1

bOnly 100

cOnly 999

dAs many as you want

View Answer As many as you want

Which language does not support all 4 types of inheritance?




dSmall Talk

View Answer Java

Which Feature of OOP illustrated the code reusability?





View Answer Inheritance

Pure OOP can be implemented without using class in a program. (True or False)



cA & B

d None of these

View Answer False

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