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The causative organism of syphilis is___________?

aBorrelia burgolorferi

bChalamydia trachomatis

cLeptospira interrogans

dTreponema pallidum

View Answer Treponema pallidum

An oxidase-positive, gram-negative rod which produces a bluish-green pigment has been grown in culture from a swab obtained from an infected burn wound. This organism is susceptible to gentamicin, ticarcillin and tobramicin, but resistant to all the other antibiotics which of the following organisms is it likely to be ?

a Escherichia coli

bKlebsiella pnemoniae

cProteus miribilis

dPseudomonas aeruginosa

Bacteria reproduce mainly by______________?


bBinary fission


dBacterial components produced by host cells

View Answer Binary fission

All of the following are true of streptococcus except_____________?

aIt’s group of lactic acid production bacteria

bShows adherence to dental enamel

cMost common in humans

dMost common is animals

The specific test for Treponema pallidum is___________?


bKahn’s test


dWidal test

View Answer TPHA

The difference between gram positive and negative bacteria lies in their_______________?

acell wall

bcell membrane

cNuclear material


View Answer cell wall

The commonest method of detection of diptheria carriers is_______________?

a Schick test

bDick test

c Casoni’s test

d Charles’ test

View Answer Schick test

Toxic shock syndrome is due to the following virulence factor_____________?

a M protein

bPyrogenic exotoxin

cStreptolysin 0

dCarbohydrate cell wall

View Answer Pyrogenic exotoxin

Endotoxin have all but one of the properties given below_______________?

aProduced by gram negative bacteria

bProduced by gram positive bacteria

cNot secreted outside the cell

dCannot be toxoided

Organ of locomotion in bacteria is________________?




dCell wall

View Answer Flagella

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