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What is an operating system?

acollection of programs that manages hardware resources

bsystem service provider to the application programs

cinterface between the hardware and application programs

dall of the mentioned

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A process can be terminated due to __________

anormal exit

bfatal error

ckilled by another process

dall of the mentioned

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In Unix, Which system call creates the new process?




dnone of the mentioned

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In operating system, each process has its own __________

aaddress space and global variables

bopen files

cpending alarms, signals and signal handlers

dall of the mentioned

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The systems which allow only one process execution at a time, are called __________

auniprogramming systems

buniprocessing systems

cunitasking systems

dnone of the mentioned

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What is the objective of multiprogramming?

aHave a process running at all time

bHave multiple programs waiting in a queue ready to run

cTo increase CPU utilization

dNone of the mentioned

A single thread of control allows the process to perform __________

aonly one task at a time

bmultiple tasks at a time

conly two tasks at a time

dall of the mentioned

What is the degree of multiprogramming?

athe number of processes executed per unit time

bthe number of processes in the ready queue

cthe number of processes in the I/O queue

dthe number of processes in memory

The entry of all the PCBs of the current processes is in __________

aProcess Register

bProgram Counter

cProcess Table

dProcess Unit

View Answer Process Table

What is a Process Control Block?

aProcess type variable

bData Structure

cA secondary storage section

dA Block in memory

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