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Two pipe systems can be said to be equivalent, when the following quantites are same______________?

a friction loss and flow

blength and diameter

c flow and length

dvelocity and diameter

At the centre line of a pipe flowing under pressure where the velocity gradient is zero, the shear stress will be_______________?




dcould be any value

View Answer could be any value

For pipes, laminar flow occurs when Roynolds number is__________________?

a less than 2000

bbetween 2000 and 4000

cmore than 4000

dless than 4000

View Answer less than 2000

The fluid forces considered in the Navier Stokes equation are__________________?

agravity, pressure and viscous

b gravity, pressure and turbulent

c pressure, viscous and turbulent

d gravity, viscous and turbulent

All the terms of energy in Bernoulli’s equation have dimension of_______________?





View Answer length

Two dimensional flow occurs when___________________?

athe direction and magnitude of the velocity at all points are identical

b the velocity of successive fluid par-ticles, at any point, is the same at suc-cessive periods of time

c the magnitude and direction of the velocity do not change from point to point in the fluid

dthe fluid particles move in plane or parallel planes and the streamline pat-terns are identical in each plane

For hypersonic flow, the Mach number is___________________?


bgreater than unity

cgreater than 2

dgreater than 4

View Answer greater than 4

Normal depth in open channel flow is the depth of flow corresponding to_______________?

asteady flow

bunsteady flow

c laminar flow

duniform flow

View Answer uniform flow

Pitot tube is used for measurement of__________________?





View Answer velocity

The total energy of each particle at various places in the case of perfect incompres sible fluid flowing in continuous sream________________?

akeeps on increasing

b keeps on decreasing

cremains constant


View Answer remains constant

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