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If x is the distance from leading edge, then the boundary layer thickness in laminar flow varies as________________?

a x

b x

c x


View Answer x

As per IS : 456, the reinforcement in a column should not be less than________________?

a0.5% and not more than 5% of cross-sectional area

b0.6% and not more than 6% of cross-sectional area

c0.7% and not more than 7% of cross-sectional area

d 0.8% and not more than 8% of cross-sectional area

If the permissible compressive and tensile stresses in a singly reinforced beam are 50 kg/cm2 and 1400 kg/cm2 respectively and the modular ratio is 18, the percentage area At of the steel required for an economic section, is__________________?

a 0.496 %

b0.596 %

c 0.696 %

d 0.796 %

View Answer 0.696 %

Terzaghi’s general bearing capacity formula for a strip footing (C Nc y D Nq 0.5 Y NTB. gives______________?

a safe bearing capacity

b net safe bearing capacity

cultimate bearing capacity

d net ultimate bearing capacity where C = unit cohesion Y =unit weight of soil D = depth of foundation B = width of foundation N„ Nq, NY = bearing capacity factors

The positive relationship between price and quantity supplied is called:_________?


ba change of supply

ca shift to the supply curve

dthe law of supply

View Answer the law of supply

Economies of Scale meaning ?

aCost on all products

bReduced per unit Cost

cHigher per unit Cost

d None of these

Foreign aid________________?

ahas been used as an instrument of foreign policy by the U.S

b should be abolished until poverty is eliminated is our own society

cis what ultimately overthrowing communism

dNone of the above

Which is NOT a theoretical perspective on international relations_______________?



cscientific democracy


View Answer scientific democracy

The balance-of-power system in which four of more major powers competed and formed shifting alliances to avoid any one becoming stronger than any other was called the________________?

a multipolar system

bbipolar system

cassured destruction system

dunipolar system

View Answer multipolar system

Which is NOT a common objective of states ?

aPhysical survival

bTerritorial integrity

cPolitical independence

dCultural diversity

View Answer Cultural diversity

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