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Section 12B, of the National Accountability Ordinance, 1999 deals with freezing of_______________?

aMovable property

bImmovable property

cBoth A and B

dNone of above

View Answer Movable property

‘Rewaj Act’ was introduced for the ex-Fata agencies and Frontier Region of KP in 2017. The theme of the Act was_________?

aIntroduction of a new Justice System

bJustice System in accordance with the customs

cProvides for extension of Judiciary to the area

dBoth b and c

View Answer Both b and c

Which one of the following ‘Land Reform Regulation Act’ has put an upper ceiling of 500 irrigated and 1000 unirrigated acres on land in Pakistan?

aLand Reform Act of 1959

bLand Reform Act of 1972

cLand Reform Act of 1977

dboth b and c.

13th amendment in 1973 constitution of Pakistan made in__________?





View Answer 1997

The Qisas and Diyat Ordinances were enforced in Pakistan on___________?

aAugust 1980

bSeptember 1985

cSeptember 1990

dNovember 1992

View Answer September 1990

When the Government of Pakistan issued Press and Publication Ordinance (PPO)?





View Answer 1963

According to Article 175-A of the Constitution of Pakistan, the initial appointment of an Additional Judge in the High Court is made for the period of_________?

aOne year

bTwo years

cThree years

dFive years

View Answer One year

Initially judges have been appointed to Islamabad High Court for a year by_________?

aThe President of Pakistan

bB. The Judicial Commission of Pakistan

cThe parliamentary committee for appointment of judges

dThe Prime Minister of Pakistan

The main function of the judiciary is___________?

aLaw formulation

bLaw adjudication

cLaw execution

dLaw application

View Answer Law adjudication

Every force is subservient to Pakistan as commanded by_________ articles of the Constitution 1973?

a10 & 11

b8 & 9

c5 & 6

d3 & 4

View Answer 5 & 6

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