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Which unit is responsible for converting the data received from the user into a computer understandable format?

aMemory Unit

b Arithmetic & Logic Unit

cInput Unit

dOutput Unit

View Answer Input Unit

The only language which the computer understands is ______________

aAssembly Language

b Binary Language


dC Language

View Answer Binary Language

The smallest unit of data in computer is ________________

a Byte

b Nibble



View Answer Bit

One nibble is equivalent to how many bits?





View Answer 4

Which of the following describes the correct format of an input instruction?

a IN 82


c INP 82

d82 INP

View Answer IN 82

The input machine which originated in the United States around 1880s is a ___________


b Joystick


dBar Code Reader

View Answer Keyboard

What does the COMPUTER stand for?

a Commonly Operated Machines Used in Technical and Educational Research

bCommonly Occupied Machines Used in Technical and Educational Research

cCommonly Operated Machines Used in Technical and Environmental Research

dCommonly Oriented Machines Used in Technical and Educational Research

1 yottabyte = ______________

a 1024 TB

b 1024 EB

c1024 ZB

d1024 PB

View Answer 1024 ZB

Which of the following is not a function of the Input Unit?

aIt reads instructions and data from the outside world

b It converts the data into computer acceptable format

cIt makes the data into user understandable format

dIt supplies the data and instructions to the computer for further processing

The process of producing useful information for the user is called ___________


b Outputting


d Processing

View Answer Outputting

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