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Income that is saved and not invested is known as____________?





View Answer Deposit

Dow Jones is stock exchange market of__________?



cNew York

dNone of these

View Answer New York

When the stock market is rising it is called__________? When the stock market is rising it is called__________?



cUpward tendency


View Answer Bullish

Standard deviation is 18% and expected return is 15.5% then coefficient of variation would be__________?





View Answer 1.16%

According to Black Scholes model, stocks with call option pays the__________?


bNo dividends

cCurrent price

dPast price

View Answer No dividends

A formula of after-tax component cost of debt is___________?

a Interest rate-tax savings

bMarginal tax-required return

cInterest rate + tax savings

dBorrowing cost + embedded cost

A type of beta which incorporates about company such as changes in capital structure is classified as___________?

aIndustry Beta

bMarket Beta

cSubtracted Beta

dFundamental Beta

View Answer Fundamental Beta

Cost of capital is equal to required return rate on equity in case if investors are only__________?

aValuation manager

bCommon stockholders

cAsset seller

dEquity dealer

View Answer Common stockholders

Cost of common stock is 16% and bond yield is 9% then bond risk premium would be_________?





View Answer 7%

Cost which has occurred already and not affected by decisions is classified as______________?

aSunk costSunk cost

bOccurred cost

cWeighted cost

dMean cost

View Answer Sunk cost

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