Oral Pathology and Medicine MCQs

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Which of the following is Not characteristic of congenital Syphilis ?

aGhon complex

bInterstitial keratitis

cMulberry molars

dNotched incisors

View Answer Ghon complex

Leutic glossitis is an intra-oral manifestation caused by_____________?

aMycobacterium tuberulosis


cTrepenoma pallidium


View Answer Trepenoma pallidium

Sulfur granules in pus are seen in______________?

aCandida albicans

bActinomyces israelii

cNocarda braziliances

dHistoplasma capsulatum

View Answer Actinomyces israelii

A case presenting with a gray coloured pseudomembrane whose removal is difficult and painful, can be___________?


bDiphtheritic lesion

cSecondary stage of syphilis

dDesquamative gingivitis

View Answer Diphtheritic lesion

Rigidity of facial muscles Risus sardonicus is associated with______________?





View Answer Tetanus

The bacteria observed as a causative organism in case of Recurrent apthous ulcers is __________________?

aStreptococcus sangius

bStreptococcus mutans

cBorellia vincentii

dStaphylococci albus

View Answer Streptococcus sangius

Cancerous involvement is seen with_______________?


bMucous patch

cSyphilitic glossitis


View Answer Syphilitic glossitis

Which disease are infections but not communicable ?



cScarlet fever


View Answer Tetanus

Spasm of masseter muscles occur in______________?


bTrigeminal neuraligia

cTuberculous meningitis


View Answer Tetanus

Lesions of oral tuberculosis are associated with all the following except_______________?

aCentral caseation

bHyaline degeneration

cGiant cells in the center

dPresence of epithelioid cells

View Answer Hyaline degeneration

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