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Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on _________?

aTracks per inch of surface

bBits per inch of tracks

cDisk pack in disk surface

dAll of above

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Which method is used to connect a remote Computer?



cLogic Circuit

dNone of these

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A single packet on a data link is known as _________?



c Block


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The symbols used in an assembly language are _________?




dAll of the above

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What is the full form of G-mail?

aGold Mail

bGreat Mail

cGrooming Mail

dGoogle Mail

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Objects on the slide that hold text are called______?

aPlace Holder

bObject Holder

cAuto layout

dText Holder

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Which of the following you can paste selectively using Paste Special Command?




dAll of above

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You can set page border in excel from: __________?

aFrom Border tab in Format Cells dialog box

bFrom Border tool in Formatting toolbar

cFrom Line Style tool in Drawing toolbar

dYou can not set page border in Excel

Excel displays the current cells address in the __________?

aFormula bar

bStatus bar

cName box

dTitle bar

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The first cell in excel worksheet is labeled as _________?




dNone of these

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