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In resorption of roots of the primary teeth, the dental pulp_____________?

aPlays a passive role

bBecomes a fibrotic non-vital mass

cInitiates resorption from the inner surface of roots

d Aids in formation of secondary dentin slowing down resorption

View Answer Plays a passive role

Tooth eruption is due to______________?

aOsteoclastic activity

bProliferation of cells at crypt

c Exforliation of primary tooth

dEruptive force

View Answer Eruptive force

Resorption of dental tissue is caused by_____________?

a Osteoclasts




View Answer Odontoclasts

Gubernacular canal guides the eruption of_____________?

aPrimary teeth

bPermanent teeth

c Both A and B

dNone of the above

View Answer Permanent teeth

Tooth buds of permanent mandibular incisors are situated_____________?

aLingual to primary teeth

b Inferior to primary teeth

cLabial to primary teeth

dA and B

View Answer A and B

Epithelial attachment is derived from____________?

aReduced enamel epithelium

bDental papilla

cInner enamel epithelium

d Dental sac

A suitable fixative for a routine biopsy specimen is_____________?

a 10% formalin

b 40% formalin

c20% formalin

d10% alcohol

View Answer 10% formalin

Dehydration of specimen is carried out by____________?

aBy using 10% formalin

bBy using liquid or solid Co2

c By using increasing percentages of alcohol

dBy using 5% nitric acid

Frozen sections can be used for the demonstration of_____________?


b Mucin

c Cartilage


View Answer Fat

The cells, which are responsible for removal of bone matrix in bone resorption, are_____________?



c Polymorphs


View Answer Osteoclasts

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