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The term trituration means____________?

aLysing amalgam alloy

bMixing of amalgam alloy and mercury

cRemoval of excess of mercury

dNone of the above

The highest mercury concentration in amalgam filling is found_____________?

aAt the margin of the restoration

bIn the centre of the restoration

cIn the deepest part of the restoration

dNone of the above

The ADA specification No 1 for composition of amalgam alloy recommends______________?

a65% silver, 32% tin and 3% copper

b49% silver, 32% tin and 19% cooper

c65% silver, 29% tin and 5-6% copper

dNone of the above

Which of the following phases of dental amalgam has minimum strength____________?

aGamma 1

bGamma 2

cEpsilon 1

dGamma 3

View Answer Gamma 2

Compare to conventional amalgams, spherical amalgams_______________?

aRequire more mercury

bRequire heavy compection forces

cHave longer setting times

dNone of the above

View Answer None of the above

Which of the following statements about high copper silver alloy compared to conventional alloy is not true ?

aIt has increased tensile and compressive strength

bIt has poor tarnish and corrosion resistance

cIt’s edge strength is greater

dMercury content in the final restoration is less

Increase in the residual mercury in silver amalgam filling can_____________?

aCause fracture of the filling

bTarnish and corrosion

cIncrease the strength

dDecrease condensation pressure

Chronic mercury toxicity results from_____________?

aIngestion while removing old amalgam

bSkin contact

cMercury vapour

dAll of the above

View Answer All of the above

In spherical alloys as compared to lathe cut____________?

aLess condensing force is required

bMore condensing force is required

cBoth require same condensing force

dManipulation is easy

Well premeasured capsules of amalgam can release mercury vapour during_______________?





View Answer Condensation

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