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Crysanthemum is propagated by___________?





View Answer Suckers

The tree sends down roots from its branches to the soil is know as:_______?





View Answer Banyan

The one reason of unfruitfulness in fruits may be:__________?




dNone of the above

View Answer Heterostyly

Which mulch reduce soil temperature?


bWhite polythene

cBlack polythene

dboth B & C

View Answer Polythene

What was the recorded GDP growth rate of Pakistan in 2019 ?

a3.30 %

b5.29 %

c7.29 %

d9.29 %

View Answer 3.30 %

What was the Agriculture sector growth rate in the year 2019?

a0.85 %

b2.85 %

c4.85 %

d6.85 %

View Answer 0.85 %

Which statement is true___________________?

aEtiolation is not a reversible process

bEtiolation is genetically while albinism is physiological

cEtiolation is physiological while albinism is genitival

dEtiolation and albinism are synonyms

Urea Toxicity is also called ______________________?

aNH3 Toxicity

bUrine Toxicity

cBlood Toxicity

dNone of the above

View Answer NH3 Toxicity

Ruminant can digest fiber because it contain____________________?

aEnzyme amylase

bEnzyme cellulose

cEnzyme protease

dNone of the above

View Answer Enzyme cellulose

Those Amino acids which the body cannot synthesized are called __________________________?

aEssential amino acid

bDietary essential amino acid

cDietary non-essential


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