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In the zinc finger, which residues in this sequence motif form ligands to a zinc ion?

aCysteine and histidine

bCysteine and histidine

cHistidine and proline

dHistidine and arginine

Which of the following is not the function of Short Linear Motifs?

a Irreversible cleavage of the peptide at the SLiM

bReversible cleavage of the peptide at the SLiM

cMoiety addition at targeted sites on SLiM

d Structural modifications of the peptide backbone

The protein structural motif domain- helix loop helix are contained by all of the following except ________



cTranscription Factor 4

dTranscription Factor 4

Which of the following wrongly describes protein domains?

aThey are made up of one secondary structure

bDefined as independently foldable units

cThey are stable structures as compared to motifs

dThey are separated by linker regions

Motifs that can form α/β horseshoes conformation are rich with which protein residue?





View Answer Leucine

Which of the following least describes Long Loop β-hairpins?

aThey are Often referred to as a ‘random coil’ conformation

bGenerally they are referred to as the β-meander supersecondary structure

c Loop looks similar to the Greek Letter Ω

dWide-range of conformations witWide-range of conformations with very specific sequence preferencesh very specific sequence preferences

Which of the common structural motifs are described wrongly?

aβ-hairpin – adjacent antiparallel strands

bGreek key – 4 adjacent antiparallel strand

cβ-α-β – 2 parallel strands connected by helix

dβ-α-β – 2 antiparallel strands connected by helixβ-α-β – 2 antiparallel strands connected by helix

Which of the following is false about the ‘loop’ structure in proteins?

aThey connect helices and sheets

b They are more tolerant of mutations

cThey are more flexible and can adopt multiple conformations

dThey are never the components of active sites

On average, what is the length of a typical domain?

aAbout 100 residues

bAbout 300 residues

c About 500 residues

d About 900 residues

View Answer About 100 residues

What is the length of a motif, in terms of amino acids residue?

a30- 60

b10- 20

c70- 90

d1- 10

View Answer 10- 20

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