Computer Organization and Architecture Mcqs

The time delay between two successive initiations of memory operation _______

aMemory access time

bMemory search time

cMemory cycle time

dInstruction delay

View Answer Memory cycle time

MFC stands for ___________

aMemory Format Caches

bMemory Function Complete

c Memory Find Command

dMass Format Command

______ is generally used to increase the apparent size of physical memory.

aSecondary memory

b Virtual memory


d Disks

View Answer Virtual memory

To reduce the memory access time we generally make use of ______


b Higher capacity RAM’s


d Cache’s

View Answer Cache’s

The I/O interface required to connect the I/O device to the bus consists of ______

aAddress decoder and registers

b Control circuits

cAddress decoder, registers and Control circuits

dOnly Control circuits

______ bus structure is usually used to connect I/O devices.

aSingle bus

bMultiple bus

cStar bus

d Rambus

View Answer Single bus

The Input devices can send information to the processor

a When the SIN status flag is set

bWhen the data arrives regardless of the SIN flag

cNeither of the cases

dEither of the cases

______ are numbers and encoded characters, generally used as operands.

a Input



dStored Values

View Answer Data

The control unit controls other units by generating ___________

aControl signals

bTiming signals

cTransfer signals

dCommand Signals

View Answer Timing signals

The ALU makes use of _______ to store the intermediate results.



c Heap

d Stack

View Answer Accumulators

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