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The clock rate of the processor can be improved by _________

aImproving the IC technology of the logic circuits

bReducing the amount of processing done in one step

cBy using the overclocking method

dAll of the mentioned

View Answer All of the mentioned

For a given FINITE number of instructions to be executed, which architecture of the processor provides for a faster execution?



c Super-scalar

dAll of the mentioned

View Answer Super-scalar

A processor performing fetch or decoding of different instruction during the execution of another instruction is called ______



cParallel Computation

d None of the mentioned

View Answer Pipe-lining

During the execution of the instructions, a copy of the instructions is placed in the ______



c System heap


View Answer Cache

_____ addressing mode is most suitable to change the normal sequence of execution of instructions.


b Indirect

cIndex with Offset

d Immediate

View Answer Relative

The effective address of the following instruction is MUL 5(R1,R2).

a 5+R1+R2


c 5+[R1]+[R2]


View Answer 5+[R1]+[R2]

The addressing mode, where you directly specify the operand value is _______




d Relative

View Answer Immediate

When we use auto increment or auto decrements, which of the following is/are true?
1) In both, the address is used to retrieve the operand and then the address gets altered
2) In auto increment, the operand is retrieved first and then the address altered
3) Both of them can be used on general purpose registers as well as memory locations,

a1, 2, 3

b 2

c1, 3

d 2, 3

View Answer 2, 3

The addressing mode/s, which uses the PC instead of a general purpose register is ______

aIndexed with offset



dBoth Indexed with offset and direct

View Answer Relative

In the following indexed addressing mode instruction, MOV 5(R1), LOC the effective address is _____

aEA = 5+R1

bEA = R1

cEA = [R1]

d EA = 5+[R1]

View Answer EA = 5+[R1]

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