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The addressing mode which makes use of in-direction pointers is ______

aIndirect addressing mode

bIndex addressing mode

cRelative addressing mode

dOffset addressing mode

Add #45, when this instruction is executed the following happen/s _______

a The processor raises an error and requests for one more operand

bThe value stored in memory location 45 is retrieved and one more operand is requested

cThe value 45 gets added to the value on the stack and is pushed onto the stack

dNone of the mentioned

In the case of, Zero-address instruction method the operands are stored in _____



cPush down stack


View Answer Push down stack

The instruction, Add #45,R1 does _______

aAdds the value of 45 to the address of R1 and stores 45 in that address

bAdds 45 to the value of R1 and stores it in R1

cinds the memory location 45 and adds that content to that of R1

dNone of the mentioned

When 1101 is used to divide 100010010 the remainder is ______





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In the implementation of a Multiplier circuit in the system we make use of _______


bFlip flop

cShift register

dPush down stack

View Answer Shift register

In a normal n-bit adder, to find out if an overflow as occurred we make use of ________

aAnd gate

bNand gate

cNor gate

d Xor gate

View Answer Xor gate

For the addition of large integers, most of the systems make use of ______

aFast adders

b Full adders

cCarry look-ahead adders

dNone of the mentioned

The most efficient method followed by computers to multiply two unsigned numbers is _______

aBooth algorithm

bBit pair recording of multipliers

c Restoring algorithm

dNon restoring algorithm

In some pipelined systems, a different instruction is used to add to numbers which can affect the flags upon execution. That instruction is _______

a AddSetCC

b AddCC



View Answer AddSetCC

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