Sociology MCQs

Which of the following is an accurate statement about a population pyramid ?

aA population pyramid portrays the sex and age composition of a population

bA population pyramid must be based on absolute numbers.

cA population pyramid is of interest solely to academics.

dA population pyramid requires complex statistical calculation to understand the interrelationship between age and sex in a given population.

totality of behavior of an individual with a given tendency system interacting with a sequence of situations” is termed as____________?




dNone of these

View Answer Personality

Sorokin emphasizes that the group difference is mainly affected by differences in_______________?

abiological factor

bPhysical environment


dNone of these

View Answer Physical environment

Basic personality characteristics of the individual are formed within______________?




dNone of these

View Answer family

Cooley presented the idea of”looking glass self” a personality type in which self is discovered through ?

aPersons,s own image about himself/herself

bReactions of others

cMixture of both

dNone of these

View Answer Reactions of others

Socialization is the process through which an individual internalizes ?

aCultural norms

bSocial processes

cSense of interaction

dNone of these

View Answer Cultural norms

Mead presented the idea that each individual is a composite of expectations one believes others hold toward one Mead named it as_____________?

alooking glass self


cgeneralized other

dNone of these

View Answer generalized other

Freud divided self into three parts the id the superego and the______________?




dNone of these

View Answer ego

The conscious and rational part of the self is______________?




dNone of these

View Answer ego

Which of the following used the phrase looking-glass self to emphasize that the self is the product of our social interactions with other people?

aGeorge Herbert Mead

bCharles Horton Cooley

cErving Goffman

dHarry Harlow

View Answer Charles Horton Cooley

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