Chemical Engineering MCQs

Large tonnage of refractory bricks are dried in a_____________________?

aShaft furnace

bRotary hearth furnace

cTunnel kiln

dMuffle furnace

View Answer Tunnel kiln

Which of the following is the most important deterrents to an extended use of pulverised coal in boiler firing ?

aAsh disposal problem

bExcessive fly ash discharge from the stack

c Higher power consumption in its transportation

dErosion of induced draft fan blades

View Answer Ash disposal problem

If the flame is produced under the hearth and then sweeps up into the heating chamber, this is called a/an ______________ furnace?


b Underfired


d Recirculating

View Answer Underfired

_____________ atmosphere is maintained inside an iron blast furnace?





View Answer Reducing

Pick out the wrong statement?

aA fluid mass is free from shearing forces, when it is made to rotate with a uniform velocity

bNewton’s law of viscosity is not applicable to the turbulent flow of fluid with linear velocity

cLaminar flow of viscous liquids is involved in the lubrication of various types of bearings

dRise of water in capillary tubes reduces with the increasing diameter of capillary tubes

Pick out the wrong statement?

aThe eddy viscosity is a function of the type of turbulence involved

bThe eddy viscosity is a fluid property

cThe viscosity of gas increases with increase in temperature

dThe viscosity of a liquid increases with decrease in temperature

Pick out the correct statement pertaining to Venturimeter ?

aA Venturimeter with a fixed pressure drop discharges more, when the flow is vertically downward, than when the flow is vertically upward

bThe co-efficient of contraction of a Venturimeter is always unity

c For a fixed pressure drop, the discharge of a gas through a Venturimeter is greater, when compressibility is taken into account, than when it is neglected

dNone of these

View Answer None of these

Which one shows the diagrammatic heat balance in a furnace ?

aSankey diagram

bCox chart

cOstwald chart

dNone of these

View Answer Sankey diagram

Pick out the correct statement?

aHuman blood is a Newtonian fluid

bA Newtonian fluid obeys Newton’s law of cooling

c For a non-Newtonian fluid, a straight line passes through the origin in a plot between shear

dThin lubricating oil is an example of a non-Newtonian fluid

In reverberatory furnace, charge is heated mainly by__________________?


bNatural convection

cRadiation of heat from the roof of the combustion chamber

dNone of these

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