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The central Muhammad an Association was founded in 1877 by

aChaudhri Rehmat Ali

bSir Syed Ahmad Khan

cSyed Ameer Ali


View Answer Syed Ameer Ali

Under which act, the Muslim's demand of

aThe Indian Council act, 1892

bThe Indian Councils act, 1909

cThe Government of India act, 1919

dThe Government of India act, 1935

The constitution of the All India Muslim League was drafted by a Committee in 1907 headed by

aNawab Waqar-ul-Mulk

bNawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk

cMaulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

dJustice Shah Din

Which of the following amendments were proposed by Quaid-i-Azam in the Nehru Report 1928, to make it acceptable to the Indian Mulims

aThe Muslims should be given one third representation in the Central Legislature

bFor ten years the Muslims should be represneted in Punjab and Bengal according to their population

cResiduary powers should be given to the provinces

dAll of the above

View Answer All of the above

Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar had started publishing his famous English Newspaper





View Answer 1911

What was the significances of 21st Annual Session of All India Muslim League

aQuaid-i-Azam presented fourteen points

bAllama Iqbal delivered Allahabad Address

cLahore Resolution was passed

dQuaid-i-Azam was elected as permanent President of All India Muslim League

Which of the following leaders helped Quaid-i-Azam in the preparation of his Fourteen Points in 1929

aMaulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

bMaulana Shaukat Ali

cLiaquat Ali Khan

dMaulana Hasrat Moihani

Under Gandhi-Irwin Pact of 5th March 1931, it was decided that

aThe System of Dyarchy will be abolished.

bThe System of Separate Electorates will be retained for the Muslims

cCongress will represent low caste Hindu in the elected bodies

dThe Congress will call off its civil Disobedience Movement

The Government of India act 1935, divided the country into

aSeven provinces

bNine provinces

cEleven provinces

dThirteen provinces

View Answer Eleven provinces

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