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Khateeb-ul-Anbia is a title of

aHazrat Idrees (A.S.)

bHazrat Ibrahim (A.S.)

cHazrat Yaqoob (A.S.)

dHazrat Shoaib (A.S.)

View Answer Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.)

Masjid-e-Qiblatain is situated in





View Answer Madina

The Holy Quran was first complied during the Caliphate of

aHazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

bHazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A)

cHazrat Umar (R.A.)

dHazrat Usman (R.A.)

Jabal-e-Noor is situated in





View Answer Ghar-i-Hira

The first Islamic month is




dZul Haj

View Answer Muharrum

Arafat gathering during Hajj is held on

a8 Zil Hajj

b9 Zil Hajj

c10 Zil Hajj

d12 Zil Hajj

View Answer 9 Zil Hajj

Ameen-ul-Ummat is title of Hazrat

aEmar bin Yasir (R.A.)

bSuleman Farsi (R.A.)

cAbu-Ubaida bin Al Jaraah (R.A.)

dAbu Saeed Khuzri (R.A.)

The seal affixed on important letters by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was in the custody of

aHazrat Ali (R.A.)

bHazrat Qais (R.A.)

cHazrat Khuzaifa (R.A.)

dHazrat Bilal (R.A.)

The Islamic Calendar (hijra) started in the year

a622 AD

b620 AD

c611 AD

dNone of these

View Answer 622 AD

Ibn-e-Kahuldoon was famous historian of

a13th century

b14th century

c15th century

dNone of these

View Answer 14th century

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