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FTP best matches with which OSI layer ?





View Answer Application

Handshaking is a ?

aSmooth running of a program.

bContext-free Language.

cA programming language with self correcting codes.

dSynchronization between two communicating devices.

Which of the following is a characteristic of Web2.0 applications ?

aMultiple users schedule their time to use Web2.0 applications one by one

bWeb2.0 applications are focused on the ability for people to collaborate and share information online

cWeb2.0 applications provide users with content rather than facilitating users to create it

dWeb2.0 applications use only static pages

Which is the limitation of high level language?

aLower efficiency

bMachine dependence

cMachine level coding

dNone of the above

View Answer Lower efficiency

A web blueprint depicts ?

athe layout of an individual web page

bthe layout of the home page

cthe layout of an index page

dthe layout of a website

Information management model involves four steps ________ , _________ , _________ & ________ ?

aDiagnosis evaluation, design, implementation

bDiagnosis, design, software, hardware

cHardware, software, DBMS, Data communication

dNone of these

The ___________ calls for trimming and chopping of these designs so that the cost is reduced, service is improved and the customer gets higher value at a higher speed?

aBusiness process

bRadical redesign

cThe fundamental rethinking

dNone of these

View Answer Radical redesign

Management information system usually ?

aserve managers interested in weekly, monthly and yearly results not day to day activities.

bHelp managers make decisions that unique, rapidly changing and not easily specified in advance

c Provide managers with a generalized computing and telecommunications capacity that can be applied to a changing array of problems.

dPerform and record the daily routine transactions necessary to the conduct of business

In a typical ____________ network, application processing is shared between clients and one more servers?

aclient server computing

bdata computing

cmobile computing

dcloud computing

The elements of control will consist of __________________?

aAuthority, Direction, Management

bAuthority, Direction, Information

cAuthority, Application, Management

dAuthority, Application, Information

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