Which of the following statement is correct?

aAbdul helped Rahim when he hurt his ankle

bRahim's mother and father helped in taking him to the hospital

cRahim stayed in the hospital for 3 days

dThe incident helped Rahim realize that friendships are valuable.

What does Rahim want to emphasize in the letter?

aThe imporfnce of friendship

bThat he should stop playing games like volleyball

cThe importance of games at school

dThe Importance of parental love and affection

Which of the following is not correct?

aRahim twisted his knee while playing volleyball

bRahm's friends helped him get to the hospital

cRahim would not be able to go to School for a month

dRahim hurt his ankle

Why does Rahim feel happy?

aBecause he was at School yesterday

bbecause he fell and hurt his ankle

cBecause his friends helped him.

dBecause the ambulance arrived on time.

Which Street is famous for the Stock Exchange Market?

aFleet Street, London

bDowning Street, London

cWall Street, New York

dBroadway. New York

Pakistan is located in the north of the :

aTropic of Cancer

bTropic of Capricorn

c Arctic Circle

dTorrid Zone

View Answer Tropic of Cancer

Colombo Plan, launched in 1951 to promote economic and social development in member countries of Asia-Pacific region, has its headquarter in:

aNew Delhi




View Answer Colombo

Find out odd word from following words:





View Answer Diameter

Who is known as the father of Nuclear Physics?

aNikola Tesla

bEdwin Hubble

cErnest Rutherford

dJames Maxwell

View Answer Ernest Rutherford

Which of the following planets has the maximum number of satellites?





View Answer Jupiter

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