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The Obejective Resolution was made part of substantive provisions of the Constitution of 1973:

aAt the time of its promulgation in 1973

bBy presidential Order 14 of 1985 (Revival of Consititution Order)

cThrough amendments made in the Constitution in 1975

dThrough a resolution of the parliment (Majilis-e-Shoora)

Which instrument is used to measure blood pressure?





View Answer Sphygmomanometer

The British Government announced the a partition of Bengal in 1905 because of:

aMuslim's demand

b Hindu's demand

cAdministrative requirements

dFinancial constraints

The Periodic Table, which arranges chemical elements according to their Atomic number and chemical properties, was formulated by:

aAntoine Lavoisier

bDmitri Mendeleev

cJohn Dalton

dOtto Hahn

View Answer Dmitri Mendeleev

The idea of 'Asia Europe Meeting' (ASEM) organization was initiated in 1994 by Mr. Goh Chok Tong, the Prime Minister

aSouth Korea

bNorth Korea



View Answer Singapore

The number, whose 7 percent is 42, is:





View Answer 600

What was the old name of Lahore High Court?

aSupreme Court of Punjabi

bChief Court of Punjab

cState Court of Punjab

dNone of these

View Answer Chief Court of Punjab

Who is the current Inspector General of Punjab Police?

aMushtsq A. Sukhera

bHaji Habib-ur-Rehman

cCapt (r) Arif Nawaz Khan

dTariq Saleem Dogar

Fill in the blank. He is blind _______one eye.





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