Pathology MCQs

Coagulative necrosis is_______________?

aCharacteristic of focal bacterial infections

bCharacteristic of hypoxic death

cCharacteristic by loss of tissue architecture

dNone of the above

Diabetic gangrene is caused by____________?


bPeripheral neuritis


dNone of the above

View Answer Atheroslerosis

Stain used for demonstration of amyloid is______________?

aCongo Red

bMasson’s toichrome



View Answer Congo Red

Amyloidosis is commonly associated with_____________?

aChronic osteomyelitis


cAcute osteomyelitis

dMultiple myeloma

View Answer Multiple myeloma

Which of the following is correctly matched_______________?

aCoagulation necrosis Tuberculosis

bCaseation yellow fever

cFat necrosis Pancreatitis

dGumma infarction

Hypoxic death leads to__________________?

aLiquefactive necrosis

bCoagulative nacrosis

cCaseous nacrosis

dFat nacrosis

View Answer Coagulative nacrosis

The hormone dependent shedding of endometrium is an example of_______________?




dNone of the above

View Answer Apoptosis

Primary amyloidosis occurs in _________________?

aMultiple myeloma


cHodgkin’s diseaes

dChronic osteomyelitis

View Answer Multiple myeloma

Amyloidosis most commonly occurs in_________________?





View Answer Kidney

Apoptosis is_________________?

aSingle cell necrosis

bIntracytoplasmic accumulation

cDegenerative change

dNeoplastic change in the cell

View Answer Single cell necrosis

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