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lndia's Partition plan was announced on?

aJune 3, 1947

bJuly 3, 1947

cJuly 18, 1947

dAugust 14, 1947

View Answer June 3, 1947

During British rule in India in 1905, Bengal was Partitioned by?

aLord Minto

bLord Simla


dLord Curzon

View Answer Lord Curzon

The Muhammadan Educational Conference was founded in:





View Answer 1886

How many lists of subjects were prepared according to 1956 Constitution?


bonly one



View Answer Three

Who were elected provisionally as joint secretaries of the All India Muslim League?

aKheiri Brothers

bMaulana Shaukat Ali, Maulana Zafar Ali Khan

cNawab Waqar-ul-Mulk & Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk

dNone of these

Annual session 1940 of All India Muslim League took place on _____ ?

a21 - 25 March

b22 - 24 March

c23 - 24 March

dNone of these

View Answer 22 - 24 March

Who was the secretary of 1940 annual session of All India Muslim League?

aAbdullah Haroon

bZafar Ali Khan

cMian Bashir Ahmad

dMaulana Muhammad Ali Johar

View Answer Mian Bashir Ahmad

Who supported the "Pakistan Resolution" from Punjab?

aAbdullah Haroon

bZafar Ali Khan

cNawab Salim Ullah khan

dNone of these

View Answer Zafar Ali Khan

All India Muslim League annual session 1940 was held in _____ ?

aMinto Park, Lahore

bMinto Park, Dehli

cMinto Park, Aligarh

dNone of these

View Answer Minto Park, Lahore

How many people attended the famous session of All India Muslim League on 23 March 1940?





View Answer 100,000

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