Oral Anatomy MCQs

Which of the following is correct?

aFibronectin helps in attachment of fibroblasts to collagen

bCementicles are found in periodontal ligament of order individuals

cThe large nerve fibres are myelinated and are concerned with discerment of touch

dAll of the above

View Answer All of the above

The largest embrasure in posterior teeth is the__________?





View Answer Lingual

Divergence from contact area in proximal surfaces causes embrasures____________?




dFacially, lingually , cervically & occlusally

The widest incisal embrasure is normally found between which of the following permanent maxillary teeth _____________?

aCentral incisors

bCentral and lateral incisors

cLateral incisor and canine

dFirst and 2nd premolar

An imaginary occlusal curve that contacts the buccal and lingual cusp tips of mandibular buccal teeth is called the _____________?

aCatenary curve

bCurve of spee

cMonson curve

dWilson curve

View Answer Wilson curve

Generally , contact areas between posterior teeth are located in which directions from the centr of the proximal surface ____________?

aFacially and occlusally

bFacially and gingivally

cLingually and gingivally

dLingually and occlusally

The contact area on the distal side of a maxillary first premolar is located _____________?

aMiddle of the middle third with buccal embrasure wider than lingual

bMiddle of the middle third with lingual embrasure wider than buccal

cLitter cervical to the junction of occlusal and middle third of the crown with wide occlusal embrasure

dCervical third with buccal embrasure wider than lingual embrasure

Which anterior teeth have both mesial and distal contact areas of at the incisal third____________?

aMandibular centrals

bMandibular laterals

cBoth A and B

dNone of the above

View Answer Both A and B

Which teeth show less curvature on the crown above the cervical line than any other teeth_____________?

aMaxillary anterior

bMandibular canine

cMandibular anteriors

dMaxillary canine

View Answer Mandibular anteriors

The distance from the CEJ to the alveolar crest normally is____________?

a1 – 1.5 mm

b2 mm

c2 – 2.3 mm

d3 mm

View Answer 1 – 1.5 mm

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