Medical MCQs

Cardiac cycle duration in man is_______________?

a0.4 seconds

b 0.8 seconds

c 1.2 seconds

d1.6 seconds

View Answer 0.8 seconds

Smoking causes_____________?

aCiliary motility

bCellular hyperplasia

cMucous secretion

d All of the above

View Answer All of the above

Oxygen affinity is increased by all except_________________?


b Hypoxia

cIncreased HbF


View Answer Hypoxia

Increase in partial pressure of CO2 leading to release of oxygen to the tissues is________________?

aHaldane effect

b Bohr effect

c Breur effect

d Hamburger effect

View Answer Bohr effect

Carotid body function in an organ work as_______________?

a Differential pressure of oxygen in arterial blood

bDifferential pressure of oxygen in venous blood

cDifferential pressure of oxygen in in tissue fluids

dDifferential pressure of oxygen in in hemoglobin synthesis

An important non- respiratory function of lungs is_____________?

aAnion balance

b Sodium balance

cPotassium balance

dCa+2 balance

View Answer Sodium balance

Surfactant is secreted by_____________?

aPnemocyte I

b Pnemocyte II

cGoblet cells

dPulmonary vessels

View Answer Pnemocyte II

Muscle of expiration____________?


b Internal intercostals

c External intercostals

dRcti Abdominis

In which of the following diseases would you expect to find an increase in thickness of the respiratory membrane ?

a Emphysema


cPulmonary artery thrombosis

dSkeletal abnormalities of the chest

View Answer Emphysema

Arterial PO2 is reduced in_____________?


bKCN poisoning

c Pulmonary hypoventilation

dCO poisoning

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