Electrical Engineering MCQs

A turbine is tripped when ?

ainlet pressure increase

bspeed shoots up

cexhaust gets choked

dsteam flow gets clogged

View Answer speed shoots up

If the distance between the two point charges become half then force between them becomes______________?


b half

cfour times

dremains same

View Answer four times

The electric charge of 100 °C is 13cm apart from another charge 16.9°C electric force between them is_____________?


b 900N

c 9x105N


View Answer 900N

Two charges are placed at a certain distance. If the magnitude of each charge is doubled the force will become_____________?

a1/4th of its original value

b1/8th of its original value

c4 times of its original value

d8 times of its original value

An electric field can deflect_______________?



cBoth glass rod and silk acquire a negative charge


View Answer None

Electric flux linked with a surface will be maximum when____________?

aThe surface is held parallel to the electric field

bThe surface is held perpendicular to the electric field

cThe surface makes an angle of 45°with the field

dAll of the above

The electric lines of force are____________?


bphysically existing every where

cphysically existing near the charges

ddepends upon case

View Answer imaginary

If free space between the plates of a capacitor is replaced by a dielectric_____________?

aThe potential difference remains constant capacittance and energy stored increases

bThe potential difference remains constant capacittance decreases and energy increases

cThe potential difference decreases but both capacitance and energy increase

dboth potential difference and capacitance decrease but energy increases

A hollow metallic sphere of 8cm diameter is charged with 4 x 10 8C. The potential on its surface will be_________________?

a 900 volts

b 9000 volts

c90 volts

d zero

View Answer 9000 volts

Potential difference is the work done in moving unit positive charge form one point to another________________?

ain the direction of electric intensity

bagainst electric intensity

cin any direction

d in the direction of electric flux

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