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The chemical used in breather is_______________?

aasbestos fiber

b silica sand

c sodium chloride

d silica gel

View Answer silica gel

Who first introduced solid media_______________?

aLouis pasteur

bRobert koch



View Answer Robert koch

Atmospheric pressure is equal to____________?

a1.013 bar

b760mm of Hg


dAll of these

View Answer All of these

What is the most common valve used in piping systems to throttle or regulate flow ?

aGlobe valve

bGate valve

cButterfly valve

dPlug valve

View Answer Globe valve

Ball valves are commonly used to_________?

athrottle flow

bcheck flow

cchange flow direction

dstart/stop flow

View Answer start/stop flow

Which tool is used to measure gap size in a rough alignment?

aInside caliper

bDial indicator

cFeeler gage

dMeasuring tape

View Answer Inside caliper

The part of the coupling that actually transmits power and rotation from one shaft to the other shaft is_________?





View Answer hub

The stress developed in a material at breaking point in extension is called__________?

aBreaking stress

bFracture stress

cYield point stress

dProof stress

View Answer Breaking stress

Which is not correct statement about effect of sulphur in fuel ___________________?

ait has heating value

bit helps in electrostatic precipitation of ash in flue-gases

cit leads to corrosion of air heaters, ducting, etc. if flue gas exit temperature is low

dit erodes furnace walls

Which is not the correct statement about moisture in coal ______________________?

ainherent moisture and surface mois¬ture are different things

bin some coals moisture may be present upto 40%

csome moisture in coal helps in better burning which is not possible with completely dry coal

dit increases thermal efficiency

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