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The radius of a cylinder is 2 r units and height is 3 r units. Find the curved surface?

a18 πr2 sq units

b3 πr2 sq units

c12 πr2 sq units

d6 πr2 sq units

View Answer 12 πr2 sq units

The diameter of a cylindrical tin is 6cm and height is 5 cm. Find the volume of the cylinder?

a30 π cc

b45 π cc

c150 π cc

d180 π cc

View Answer 45 π cc

The radius of a cylindrical vessel is 7cm and height is 3cm. Find the whole surface of the cylinder?

a308 sq cm

b220 sq cm

c440 sq cm

d132 sq cm

View Answer 440 sq cm

Find the expenditure on digging a well 14m deep and of 3m diameter at Rs.15 per cubic meter?





View Answer Rs.1485

Two cylinders are of the same height. Their radii are in the ratio 1: 3. If the volume of the first cylinder is 40 cc. Find the volume of the second cylinder?

a360 cc

b60 cc

c300 cc

d36 cc

View Answer 360 cc

Find the ratio of the curved surfaces of two cylinders of same heights if their radii are in the ratio 1:2.





View Answer 1:2

The radius of the base of cone is 3 cm and height is 4 cm. Find the volume of the cone?

a12 π cm3

b6 π cm3

c8 π cm3

d10 π cm3

View Answer 12 π cm3

The area of a base of a cone is 30 cm<sup>2</sup>. If the height of the cone is 6cm, find its volume?

a120 cm3

b40 cm3

c50 cm3

d60 cm3

View Answer 60 cm3

The slant height of a cone is 12 cm and radius of the base is 4cm, find the curved surface of the cone.

a74 π cm2

b36 π cm2

c48 π cm2

d24 π cm2

View Answer 48 π cm2

The curved surface of a sphere is 64 π cm<sup>2</sup>. Find its radius?

a1 cm

b2 cm

c4 cm

d3 cm

View Answer 4 cm

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