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All are functions of hypothalamus, but, _________ ?

aRegulation of body temperature

bRegulation of anti-diuretic hormones

cRegulation of sleep and emotions

dRegulation of blood osmotic pressure

Examples of Epigeal germination include _________ ?


bSword bean seed

cBroad bean seed


View Answer Sword bean seed

“lub” sound is produced after _________ ?

aThe ventricles are fully contracted

bThe ventricles start to relax

cThe bicuspid and tricuspid valves suddenly close

dThe semilunar valves are closed

Self pollination is not possible in ________ ?

aDioecious plants



dboth A and B

View Answer both A and B

BOD refers to the __________?

aBidding of Dermatology

bBinding of Dirt

cBiochemical occupied Date

dBiochemical Oxygen demand

Enzyme activity can also be charted through the __________ ?

aRate of digestion

bRate of reaction

cLevel of pH

dNumber of active sites

View Answer Rate of reaction

What is hibernation and aestivation________?

aThermal adaptation shown by animals

bwind adaptation shown by animals

cadaptation of animals to escape from predators

dnone of the above

Acetabularia mediterranea has a cap of _________ ?

aRegular shape

bCircular shape

cTriangular shape

dCone shape

View Answer Regular shape

Acetabularia is a kind of __________ ?



cMulticellular alga

dUnicellular alga

View Answer Unicellular alga

Ingestion of bacteria by certain type of cells is termed as ________ ?





View Answer Phagocytosis

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