See my Smile – Article on DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor

See my Smile, It’s always been that way, I’ve been fighting for survival forty-seven years now, but my smile couldn’t snatch much, wound me for survival, even kill, my enemies became many, to wipe out my existence.

They were united, kept tricks, fought wars, kept pushing, kept on, and I had a smile. When my enemy failed, defeated, he came back to me, he got angry at my stubbornness.

When I woke up after every wound, I smiled and brushed my clothes. How it happened, his smile is still intact, whether it is crazy or not Yes, I am crazy, in the love of my soil, in the love of my people, it is not madness that I want my survival by imposing wars on me, cutting me, killing me, do you beat me.

Can you remove my smile? Ever since you came to India, wars have persisted. Ever came to Russia in five years, you have been accepted to be eliminated but you remain in my smile.

Never in the form of America have you made dreams in my seven-piece, but I am, I am, alive, with all your eternal smiles. You tried to cut me in the name of religion.

In the name of lucidity, sometimes in the name of the province, sometimes in the name of sectarianism. But did my smile disappear? I was destroyed? No no

Until the Day of Judgment, you will try to destroy me. And I survive, But my win will be mine. My chest is ready to stop you every turn. Shaking your smile to dust is everlasting. I am pakistan, I’m alive,Seek prayer DG ISPR

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