Malik Riaz’s real name is Major Akbar, Hamid Mir

An old video on social media is going viral. In which senior journalist Hamid Mir says, I have evidence. The real name of Malik Riaz is Major Akbar.

It is strange how Malik Riaz can be Major Akhtar. And to become Major Akhtar, Malik Riaz had to undergo intelligence training. But according to journalist Hamid Mir, they have evidence that Malik Riaz’s real name is Major Akbar.

And if this is an allegation, such accusation is like ruining a journalist’s career. Hamid Mir says that I will present that evidence in court.

How true is that. It is not yet known. But power is definitely in Malik Riyadh. Malik Riyadh became so rich. That everyone is surprised to see it.

Malik Riaz has a deep connection with the Army’s retired generals and other officers. Many officers work with him. And Malik Riyadh has given them land.

A few months ago there was a news that the UK had announced billions of rupees back to Pakistan. And the money was sent from Pakistan to the UK.

Who sent this money? Questions on social media began to rise. And everyone declared this money to Malik Riaz. But when the same question was asked by the government ministers. So they had no response.

Government ministers declined to say whether there were any deals with Britain. So they can’t tell who owns the money. The important thing is that the media did not run the news too.

The media did not give any importance to this news. Now this shows that the money belongs to a power person. Which silenced not only the rulers but also the media.

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