Iraqi soldier’s wife appeals for peace

It is important to know that President Trump and the politicians who responded to the flames of war have been answered by the wife of the US military. Whatever the zeal of the invasion of Iran should be. The reality is different. Every soldier, whether from Iran or the United States, is happy politicians. Innocent humans are killedÛ”

According American Women I have been listening for a week. Sometimes politicians, sometimes journalists, sometimes political pundits. Everyone is talking about an attack on Iran. No one cares about human tragedies.

The most affected soldiers in the war are wives and their families. Every day, we miss our spouse every moment. Nothing is gained from war. But there are chronic pains.

You have to tell your children where their father went. So small children do not understand this. Children grow up when they know their father has been killed. So they become more rebellious. There should be no war.

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