How Ukraine plane crashes in Iran

Yesterday, when Iran fired missiles at US airports in Iraq to respond to the United States. Meanwhile, a Ukrainian passenger plane in Iran was mistakenly targeted by Iran. As a result, I lost more than 170 passengers.

At that time Iran made this claim. That the plane crashed due to a technical error. But the United States and Canada refuse to acknowledge that Canada should investigate the incident.

A few days later, the United States released a video showing the aircraft being targeted by Iran’s own missiles. Released its video. There was a stir in Iran after the video was released.

Questions arose over Iran and the Iranian government. Iran later witnessed the incident itself, and according to Iranian media, Iran targeted the plane. Which was mistakenly targeted.

Immediately after the statements were made, countries around the world expressed their deep sorrow over Iran.

The Iranian Supreme Leader apologized. That we will investigate this thoroughly and transparently. And punish the guilty in every way.

It has not yet been investigated how Tiara was targeted. Was mistakenly or intentionally targeted.

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