How did Faisal Wada bring shoes to the program of the record? Anchor Kashif Abbasi explanation

Yesterday, along with ARY News’ Program of the Record with Kashif Abbasi, Federal Minister Faisal Wowda brought a shoe to the studio. The debate over shoes began. People’s Party and PML-N leaders leave talk shows

Later on social media some questions arose. How did the Federal Minister get to the studio? Didn’t find them?

The next day, Kashif Abbasi, while speaking on the program, told the reality of the shoes that we did not know when the federal minister brought a shoe. But our mistake is that when they put their shoes on the keys, we didn’t stop them.

Kashif Abbasi said that not only me but two other guests, Qamar Zaman Kaira and N Ligi were the leaders. They also did not stop.

Kashif Abbasi said that the question is how the shoe came about and is it a media collusion?

Kashif Abbasi explained that Federal Minister Faisal Woda brought a shoe in a bag. We didn’t know that this bag had a shoe. And we were guests. We never looked for anyone. Not just me, but no media searches for their guests

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